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It’s Not For Everyone

by on Feb.05, 2008, under Hope

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:28-29)

If you think about it, this invitation by Jesus isn’t for everyone. I’m not saying that He wouldn’t receive all who wanted to come nor am I saying that His sacrifice was in any way limited. What I’m saying is Jesus is calling those who are tired. Those who feel weighed down. Those who are dissatisfied. Those who don’t like the way things are.

If you’ve never gone through a hard time, if you haven’t known disappointment, if you haven’t experienced loss, Jesus’ invitation won’t be very attractive. If you enjoy war and suffering and hunger and illness and all the things that surround us in this world, you’re probably not interested in the rest that Jesus offers. If you haven’t felt the burden of guilt, the soul-wrenching weight of remorse, then a light yoke probably doesn’t sound very good. You may find it hard to appreciate what Jesus has to offer.

But the vast majority of us know what it is to be weary. Tired to the bone. We know what it feels like to be burdened, be it the burden of worry, the burden of sin, the burden of illness. What we long for is rest. Rest for our souls. Even though it is a yoke that Jesus offers, it is a light one. And we’re ready. We’re willing. Show us where to sign.

To us, Jesus says simply: Come. He’ll lay His yoke on us, He’ll teach us, and He’ll do it in a gentle, humble way. Come, He says. Lay your burdens down. Come. Find rest and peace. Find forgiveness and grace. Learn what it is to serve a gentle Master, one whose goal is to ease our burdens and rest our souls.

No, the invitation isn’t for everyone. But I know it’s for me. And it just might be for you.

Grace and peace,

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  1. mishmee bose

    I accept Jesus invitation, it is for me
    I have gone through severe hardship, insults , i am honest and speak truth, so the people are against me in office and have created severe obstacle in my growth. To my shock my enemies/ dishonest employees have succeded in career after harming my reputation.

    I loved someone , he too betrayed me for the dishonest people for money and supported them.

    I suffered severe depression.

    Please pray for me. I want my life and career back to normal – full of happiness and I hope God can punish the cruel and make them realise their mistake.

  2. Maria

    I have for the most part of my life felt weary and burdened by the fact that Mom and Dad (mostly Mom)(they are in their 80′s) are constantly criticizing me for everthing I say or do, regardless of my intent. Recently, I spoke at my deceased brother’s mass and described him and then went on to talk about things we did in our childhood and mother found two small things I said and totally twisted it around for a different meaning after my sister made her comment to Mom. My thoughts is that my sister did not say anything nor was she invited to participate at mass and through her jealousy has instilled these thoughts in my mother. Rather than letting us sister’s work it out, mother has sided with her. I tried to re-iterate what I said, but there was no changing her mind. Many times mother talks about us to one another and it causes a lot of dissention between all of us. Mother does not recognize that she is doing this to us, I think. At one point my sister and I decided not to allow her to do that to us but now my sister has joined in with her to bash the rest of the siblings. Many times mother has gone years without speaking to one or the other of the children. She had not spoken to my deceased brother in 3 years until he got ill and eventually passed on! I pray for mother and I pray that I will not fall into her trap but as soon as there is some drama, I get dragged into her web. All this weighs heavily on me and I constantly search for God to show me the way and just as I think I am making progess – more drama! I have never disliked mother or any of my siblings and I am a forgiving person almost to a fault, but the weight of what Mom may say to me the next time I speak with her is more than I can sometimes bear – where do I go from this weary and burdened feeling. I do not like not speaking to either of my parents, but if I call them they may hang up on me -they do that a lot. I prefer a face to face but there is 900 miles separating us and still I feel this weariness. Pray for Mom with me, please.

  3. steve

    I have appreciated the other comments on this blog. I too have felt that weariness. It strikes me that Jesus did a wonderful thing when he made me part of his family. Co-workers abuse us, sometimes our own family causes pain. Maybe one reason Jesus helps me with my burdens is that I have other people to help me carry them. I pray you will find brothers and sisters to help you carry yours.

  4. Sara E.

    This is something I am currently trying to accept,that its not for everyone. I try to reach out to my non-Christian friends, but they are completely “happy” with the way their life is now. They see no need for Jesus and its hard for me to understand it.

    Life to me seems pretty pointless without Him. I don’t know where I’d be without Him, but I sure know I wouldn’t be happy.

  5. Robin Emery

    Dear Tim,

    I’ve prayed for repentance and salvation to God several times, many for th wrong reasons, like getting things from God. I recently sinned against a prophet of God knowingly and have caused the friendship to end. I’ve asked God to forgive me but I don’t feel His forgiveness. She says she has forgiven me but won’t speak to me. Help me to find the steps to true repentance so that I can Come unto Him.

    I’m learning to take responsibility for my actions for the first time in my life. I never did before. I always blamed God and others. It’s hard but a start. I’ve read where even the hardest heart can obtain forgiveness from God and true repentance. I”ve asked for His help in obtaining true repentance for my sins, but When I pray the salvation prayer nothings happens.

    I believe Jesus is the Christ and died for my sins. I can’t cleanse for give or save myself, I need Jesus. How will I reach true repentance in His site? What are the steps. The Bible says that you turn away from your sin with the intent to never return to it. I don’t want to return from to this one but walk away from it. I need peace and forgiveness from it and rest for my soul. How long do I have to consider it and feel the guilt and remorse before repentance and salvation truly come?

    I want the rest and peace from my burdens that Christ offers. I am experiencing the guilt you speak of and soul wrenching weight of remorse for my recurring sin against this anointed woman of God.

    Please help me and guide me into finding the repentance and peace and salvation that only Jesus can offer. I am doing something wrong….

    God bless you and thank you for your article.

  6. Tim Archer

    Thanks to all who have commented. Sorry to be slow to get back; I’m in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, this week.

    Mishmee: I will be praying for you. Remember that God will never fail you nor betray you.

    Maria: I feel for your situation with your mom. It’s not easy to get past things like that, but I pray that God will give you strength to overcome. Think of Joseph in the book of Genesis; betrayed by his brothers, he forgave them and looked for God’s hand in that bad situation.

    Steve: Thanks for commenting. Mature Christians like you are an example to us all.

    Sara: Amen! There’s no true hope without Jesus.

    Robin: Let me encourage you to take some time and read the other articles on this site. Watch the videos. Get in touch with us if you need more information. God wants to accept and forgive you. I pray that you can find His peace.

  7. Ama

    I know well the frustrations, hopeless, and heaviness that is expressed by some of you in the earlier comments. I also know of the relief, hope, and peace that the Word of God gives me when I believe it. So many times I have held on to my own burdens thinking that somehow I would come up with the answers that would make them go away. But then after I can’t take it anymore is when His word comes (like today in this article) and He speaks to me… says I’ll take this from you in exchange for you learning more about me. How in the middle of trouble I can give you such an overwhelming peace that you know I have this situation and everything is going to be ok.

    And once again I know that this too shall pass. I work in an environment that I too feel alone, persecuted because of my beliefs, I deal with all that life brings in bills, illness, loneliness… But I know my situation is in good hands… God has my cares and so now for me the weight is lighter.

  8. Tim Archer


    I pray that God will bless you with His presence and His peace. We’ll be praying for you.

    Grace and peace,

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