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Repair men love me…

by on Apr.28, 2008, under Hope

It’s true. Repair men love me, at least the ones who charge by the hour. Any one hour repair job can become a four hour job at my house. The reason is always the same: before I call the repair experts, I fix it myself. So the one hour job is now complicated by the two hours of work to undo my repair.

By now you may think I am an idiot. My wife would sometimes agree. Why waste so much time and effort on what is obviously a doomed attempt to fix something myself. I really have no expertise to apply to most of my do it yourself efforts. The manufacturer obviously has specifications and procedures for their product. You would think my track record would even discourage me from future efforts.

So why do I keep attempting to repair appliances, cars, and house problems myself? Am I too proud, too stubborn, or too ignorant? Maybe I just like the idea of being in control. I know it will not turn out well, but I do it anyway. It will be time consuming, expensive, frustrating, and stressful.

Maybe this is a metaphor for life. Why are so compelled to try to fix things in our life by ourselves? Most of us have a track record that proves we do not do well when we are in charge. So many things are out of our control anyway. Yet we persist in believing we can fix things. We do it as mates, parents, and friends.

There is someone who can repair broken lives. God made us and he knows how we work best. He even gave us a repair manual that explains our relationship with him. He knows what he is doing. I have seen the results in my life and in others. And I have seen the results of our efforts to fix things.

I don’t know everything that is wrong in your life, but I do know who can fix it. What do you think? Does God repair broken lives and broken relationships?

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  1. min

    hey this entry is so relevant to me.
    there is a misunderstanding between me and my cg mate.
    and she thinks tat i’m judging her, and condemning her. just becoz she cant come for service and cg becoz of her other commitments.
    in fact i didn’t,
    i was just trying to show her mroe care and concern, so it would be easier for me to speak into her life.
    and really
    i didn’t know what to do to salvage this r/s
    but ur entry reminded me that,
    i cant, but God can.
    all i need to do is pray for her, continue to obey God.love her like how God loves her. and be sincere in everything i do.

    God can mend broken r/s! :D thanks!

  2. Steve Ridgell

    Thanks for the comment. I pray God will bless this relationship.


  3. mishmee

    I have suffered severely even after being honest in my relationship with everyone.But the cruel people who have betryared me and are successful in life.

    God helps the evil to flourish and punishes the honest speaking people like us.

    I wish i had got justice from GOD.I wish GOD makes crule people realise soon their mistakes.It’s a fight between honest and dishonest people. I AM STILL WAITING FOR JUSTICE

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