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Declaration of Dependence

by on Jun.30, 2008, under Hope

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to state deliberately and unequivocally the basis for one’s belief, a person, an organization, a nation, or people must make a Declaration. Thus, all people know exactly where we stand in relation to all others. In doing so, it must be acknowledges and accepted that some will offer affirmation and others will find fault that cause them offense.

American history is anchored with such an event that took place on July 4, 1776.

Today I make my personal Declaration of Dependence.

I believe in one God, His son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. Who since before time began, offered His creation an avenue to be made worthy to be with Him forever.

I believe that God is creator and we are His creations; that Jesus is Messiah, our Savior; and our dependence is completely upon them.

I believe that it is God’s task to add to His church and determine who goes to Heaven or Hell, not mine.

I believe that God’s directions are in His Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I Believe that being Christ-like begins with understanding that by ourselves we are unworthy; that repenting of our sin is both attitude and action; that baptism is the acknowledgement of obedience to Jehovah and telling others of Jesus is an opportunity and responsibility.

This Declaration of Dependence is the continuation of my journey and not the end.

Most of us are hesitant to make a public statement of faith, but isn’t about time that some of us do? What would you include in your Declaration of Dependence? Why?

-Bill Brant

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