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Flying Solo

by on Jul.21, 2008, under Hope

Last Christmas my wife and I were given a kite. It’s one of those really large ones that requires two handles and gives you a pretty good work out. You might have seen them flown on the beach before. Where we live there is always plenty of wind so a kite was a great present.

It’s nearly impossible to fly this kind of kite alone. Without having someone to help you set it up, get it started, and put it away, it’s more than you bargained for. I learned this the hard way.

I set out to fly our new kite on my own one windy Saturday morning. I pulled it out of the bag that we store it in and began to unwind the spools of thin rope. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was going to be very challenging. The wind was whipping the kite around even before I could finish setting up.

So I decided to stand it up against a large light post until I could get the rope taut and the kite ready for flight. Before I knew it, the kite was tangled around the light post and my plan was falling apart. As I began to untangle the rope the wind picked up even more violently and the tangled knots began to tighten. It was then that I realized that doing this alone was incredibly foolish. I wished I had been wise enough to bring someone with me. The situation was becoming more and more hopeless.

I’ve tried flying solo in my spiritual life as well. It turned out to be an even more foolish endeavor than my kite flying experience. God has given each of us two very special gifts, Jesus and his church, so that we never have to be alone. It is good for us to be part of a community of fellow believers that are striving to follow his son, Jesus.

It’s easy to think that we are strong enough, courageous enough, or smart enough to fly solo through this life. If that’s our plan, sooner or later, our lives will become a tangled mess. There is someone who will never leave us alone even in the most difficult moments. Jesus told his followers that even until the end of this life he would never leave them. His promise is also for you and me.

Eventually I was able to untangle the kite. Likewise, in my spiritual life, when I began to take hold of the gifts of Jesus and his church, the spiritual knots began to untangle.

At what point in your life did you discover your need for Jesus Christ and his church? How have the gifts of Jesus and his church affected your life?

I’d like to hear from you. Leave a comment or write me at [mail=info@hopeforlife.org]info@hopeforlife.org[/mail].

-Wesley Shutt

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  1. Jerusha

    I love your illustration of the kite and how we get tangled up when we try to “fly solo” in this life. I thought about those strings which give the kite the ability to soar to new heights (when the conditions are right) in the wind. However, I also thought about a kite trying to fly on it’s own, it would soon come to disaster as you discovered. When we want to do things our own way we also come to grief in one form or another. The kite needs someone to control those strings, to give it the ability to fly and the one who holds the strings provides a base and a secure anchor from which it is launched. God should be the one who holds the strings of our lives, the very thing which we might feel restricts us, is the very thing which gives us the right amount of freedom (within guidelines or boundaries) to protect us from unseen danger, He knows just how much string to allow us in certain conditions and what tension to use to enable us to take off and fly. A kite can’t fly by itself and neither can we soar to new heights in our Christian life and faith without God’s guiding hand on the strings of our lives.

  2. Donna

    I had a feeling someone was tapping me on my shoulderfor a couple of years. Then I found out that my husband was having numerous affairs. So when I went to a christian counseller and he asked whether I would like to accept Christ in my life I knew right away it was the right thing to do. I haven’t looked back. Every thing I was axious about became calm and I know He was the reason. I just told Him, I couldn’t handle it anymore and could He please look after things for me and He has. People ask me why I am so calm about everything and why I have so much positive feelings that everything will work out and I say because it’s not in my hands anymore. My ex is so surprised that I don’t call him anymore in panic mode worrying about this or that. I just smile and say it’s out of my hands and I can’t do anything about it, someone else is looking after it for me. It’s been four years and all I can say to my ex is thankyou for letting this happen to me. He looks at me as though I’ve lost my marbles. But I haven’t, I found them! God is good.

  3. Wesley


    Thanks for commenting. The way you continued the kite metaphor is great!


    Isn’t it amazing how God can work good out of the most difficult experiences. I praise him this morning for working such good in your life.

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