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I Don’t Like Hospitals

by on Jul.07, 2008, under Hope

I have recently spent time at the hospital while my mother in law was recovering from surgery and I realized that I do not like hospitals. And it finally dawned on me why I do not like them: they are full of sick people. It’s the same reason I do not like to go to the Doctor’s office. That is where all the sick people go. You sit in waiting rooms with people who are not well. They have diseases that may very well be contagious. I do not even like to go for my physical. If I was healthy when I got there, I may not be when I leave. I am not like all those sick people, I am healthy. Well, most of the time.

I guess there are times when I might have a little bug. And I did have surgery for a surface melanoma. Sometimes I feel “under the weather”. But I am not a sick person. I don’t belong in a hospital, or a Doctor’s office, like those other people. In fact, I want hospitals to have a “sick” wing and a “you’re really not sick” wing. Maybe my doctor can have two waiting rooms.

Yet all of us, including me, get sick and need care. It is not healthy to deceive myself into thinking I am never sick, cannot get sick, and am never a sick person. So I am working on my perception of hospitals and Doctor offices. They are places of healing for sick people, and sometimes that means me.

I wonder how many times we have distorted our view of churches the same way I do hospitals. Do we believe churches are for people who cannot “get it together”, who have made lots of mistakes, and whose lives are a mess? Do we believe that does not describe us, or that we are not like those people who need church? The truth is, we are just like those people. I do not know of anyone who goes through life without needing help from anyone.

Churches sometimes seem to have gone to the opposite extreme. It is as if they want to appear to be a place where only healthy people meet to celebrate the fact that they are spiritually healthy. It was not meant to be that way. Churches are places of spiritual healing for those who are sick. And they are made up of those who have been healed…even while remembering that we are survivors.

Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

So what do you think? Are churches really places where the healed welcome those who need healing? What keeps the spiritually hurting from seeking help at church?


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  1. Wilma Komori

    It is not fair to think that hospitals are for sick people only. I think that it is a place to
    keeps onself healthy too. We go the hospital for check up and maintenance just as we go to the church for worship and for fellowship. For God has tought us the importance of fellowship and worship. We also learned that our body is His temple so we ought to keep it healthy and intact to bring glory to Him. Our Lord and Saviour. Who did the same example for us. He loves us even before we love Him.
    May God bless you all.

    Wilma Komori

  2. Tim Archer

    Wilma makes an interesting point. However, what I think Steve is trying to say is that churches should be a place where spiritual hurting people can go. I don’t think that he’s saying that you have to be “sick” spiritually to go there.

    Grace and peace,

  3. Steve

    Good points. I would view my church involvement as a way to stay healthy spiritually. I do think it a place where those of us “staying well” extend healing thru Jesus to those in need.

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