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by on Aug.11, 2008, under Hope

As the massive Boeing 777 jet accelerated down the runway, then lifted into the air, I was again in awe at the magnificent power that would lift such immense weight to a cruising altitude of more than 43,000 feet. As the plane entered an area of turbulence and the giant machine was tossed about as though it weighed nothing, I was reminded of the tremendous, awe-inspiring force of the One who is the source of all power.

I witness His power in so many areas and ways as I journey through this world; in the roaring of mighty waterfalls, the glories of a sunrise, the churning of the seas, the birth of my babies. I witness the ultimate power of God the Father in my own life—in my own personal experience as I come to know Him as One who cares for and loves me individually and unconditionally. He knows and cares about every difficulty I face and each heartbreak I suffer. It is difficult to understand how such a powerful God, who rules the universe, would care for me on a personal basis. I must come to understand that God does not allow His work of keeping all things in the universe in its proper place to divert His attention from me, nor does it interfere with His working in my individual life.

His marvelous abundant power is majestically demonstrated in the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord. Only the power of God can remove the sinfulness of my heart and cleanse me through the blood that was poured forth at Calvary. Through this cleansing I experience new life and hope.

The darkest hours of those who had walked so closely with Jesus during His ministry were those days when the lifeless body of the One Who had claimed to be the Savior lay silent in a tomb. Had their belief been in vain? Even after receiving the reports of the Master’s resurrection, they remained skeptical. It was not until Jesus appeared to them and they witnessed His resurrection did they believe. Being witness to the power of God to raise the dead convinced the disciples of that power and their lives would never be the same.

Our lives, like those of long ago, will never be the same as we confess before God that we are sinners and need the power of His cleansing through the blood of the spotless sacrifice. Through our obedience to Him and submission to His will, we will experience the power of God, and will long to testify that indeed He is mighty to save.

Have you experienced this mighty power in your life? Do you know the peace that comes in being cleansed by this power?

~Kay Talley

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  1. Kat Hayes

    In the dark days that followed 9/11 I came to identify with the early Christians more closely. Every where I went, work, church, shopping it was always the same. Where were you, what did yous, hear, etc.? Then everyone wondering what next? Waiting for the next shoe to fall. I began to see in my mind and hear the early Christians after the dark afternoon on Calvary’s hill.
    I also realized why we were not attacked further, not that a follow up wasn’t planed(like after the bombing of Pearl Harbor)but because the expected outcome of the terror. In the past when certain eventa took place, Martian L. King slain, the populace rioted, burned stole and cause general un rest. I believe that this is what was expected. Instead the people prayed, the evacuation was orderly with stranger helping stranger, even the criminals took a time out and for one shining moment we were one. We wern’t black, white, or red we were Americans all.

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