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This world is a mess…

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Hope

If there is a God, why is the world in such a mess?  I often hear questions like this from people who question the existence of God.  They see and hear about child abuse, sickness, natural disaster, crime, and tragedy, and they are horrified.  So they ask me as a believer how can I believe in a God who could allow such things to exist.

I tell them that God did not do this.  He made a perfect world.  Satan lives in rebellion against God. He could not stand the creation of a perfect world with man in a harmonious relationship with God.  So Satan tempted Eve to do the one thing God told her not to do.  And she did it.  So did her husband Adam.  As a consequence of their action, they had to leave the perfect Garden of Eden and live in a now fallen world. 

Even then, God loved man so much that He enacted a plan to restore that perfect world.  The plan culminated in the coming of God’s own Son to redeem man.  Those who believe in him get to live with God forever.  Those who do not believe in Him, don’t.  So here is my answer:  it is not God’s fault.  He gave us the free will to make choices.  Adam and Eve made bad ones.  So do we.  God promised He would fix it, and He did.

But some of those questioning do not believe this story.  They do not believe in God.  So I tell them to quit blaming Him.  If He does not exist, then He is not the cause of this messed-up world.  If He does exist, the fallen world is not His fault or His choice.  And He will make it right.

So the choice is always yours to make.  Believe God is real and will fix the world we have destroyed, or believe He does not exist and just live with the way things are.  No hope, no future, no life. 

As for me, I believe.  It makes more sense than anything else I have heard.



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  1. melissa

    my friend told me she stoped believeing because she realized how messed up the world was. I tried telling her we have the choice to sin and its not Gods fault. But she says “if God was so powerful like they say he is then why does he let this continue , what was the point for earth if this was going to happen,etc.” im not so knowledged because im barly learing so idk what to tell her but i WANT to tell her something that will get her thinking ,maybe even go back to believing ?(;

  2. Steve Ridgell

    Hey Melissa,

    You are right to encourage your friend not to blame God for what our sin did to this world. In fact, the whole reason Jesus came to this earth was to start the process of making things right again. Someday we will be restored to a perfect relationship with God where there is no pain or sin.

    God allows this evil to exist because we are people of free will. We have a choice. God loves us so much that He lets Jesus pay the price for our wrong choices. But some people do not care. And will never care.

    Of course, the point of this creation is so we could live with God forever. It’s my choice, but God has done everything possible to enable you and me to live forever.

    It’s a choice.

    Hope this gives you thoughts to dialogue with your friend.



  3. Ron


    I like the way Mlissa, you tolyour friend. You should of read a scrip from the bible, John 3:16, and tell your friend that God loves her and wanther, God loves us all know matter what we leave in him or not, tell your God sent is Son Jesus to take our place on the cross he did it for your friend and many read John 3:16;317;18 read that to her.

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