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How could a God of love let his son die?

by on Dec.23, 2012, under Hope

I have heard this question often in various forms over the years. Sometimes children ask it because they do not understand how a father could do something like that. There are those who want to understand Christianity, but have a difficult time reconciling love and death. And, of course, those who do not believe in God see this as a contradiction that would disprove the concept of a loving God. I think this is a legitimate question to answer: how could a loving God let his only son die a horrible death on a cross? God loves his son Jesus. That is why it must have been so painful for him to let his son leave heaven and live on this earth. It had to break God’s heart to watch his son suffer and die. This was a conscious decision on the part of God to send his son to earth, fully knowing what was going to happen. But God did not force Jesus to do this. Jesus made a conscious decision to obey God. But why did Jesus have to die? Because God also loves each of us. He loves us so much that he wants us to spend forever in his presence. There is only one problem with that desire: none of us are good enough to live in the presence of the holy God. Our sin, our poor choices, and our selfishness prevent us from having a forever relationship with God. So God sent his perfect, sinless son to earth to live among us and to die on a cross for our sins. He paid the price for our failures because it was the only way for us to be with him forever. So the son he loved paid for the sins of the people he loved. And then God raised his son from the dead. Yes, it hurt to see him suffer. And he did – and does – love Jesus. But he sent him to earth as an act of love. Then he raised him from the dead as an act of love. And all of us who believe in Jesus will be raised from the dead someday to live with God forever. God loves. And he acted on that love.



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  1. Acushla

    It is through our LORD Yahshua that all Ecclesia saints will be given a glorious Eternity in and through our LORD giving Himself in the Loving and Caring that knows no ending, the LOVE that will never die, the LOVE that will never fade away. It is the Total Commitment of Yahweh in Totally Committing Himself to HIS Son. So we REST in our LORD Yahshua 7 days 24 hours every day every week, truly knowing HIM as our REST, never being discouraged, depressed, anxious, afraid. To LOVE our neighbours even as the great majority are walking the broad way loving themselves above everyone else.

  2. Scott

    Will you please pray for mei had a massive stroke almost a year ago icanot move my left arm thank you for your prayers

  3. james

    God could forgive-but where is humanities repentance? God could also look the other way-but how would that satisfy His justice? This latter part is the reason for Christ’s intense sufferings. Jesus paid in full the righteous justice of His Father. He did so willingly, knowing even from the foundation of the world, what had to be done. Now, THAT is love.

  4. Deb

    God makes the rules. How can a loving FATHER make a requirement that his son has to die? God could have forgiven mankind for shortcomings without his son dying.

  5. Htet

    Yes this question is I also want to ask god . He punish his only son? God also do good son to die

  6. DB

    What kind of god requires atonement through the tortuous death of an innocent man; his son no less? Is god so dreadfully provoked by us that he requires blood atonement? And what dreadful thing did we do to deserve such scorn? The bible gives us the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Their sin was to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. What is the real message here? Is this a god who prefers that humans remain ignorant? Does our quest to know demand that our whole species be damned to eternal flames because distant relatives disobeyed the rule to remain uninformed? In the same breath we are told that god is love. That he sent his only son to die at the hands of sadists so that the gates of heaven could be opened to the human race. A loving father does not condemn future generations for the guilt of one person, nor does he seek blood, unjustly spilled, as reparation. These are stories created for an illiterate, ignorant desert people who knew nothing of the natural world and feared the mystery of natural events, and who were governed by physical intimidation and threats of punishment. These are stories told to instill fear in the ignorant. These are stories made to force beliefs upon the unbelievers. This is evangelism by terrorism and conversion by coercion.

  7. A Dnby

    I’m not keen to join man-made religions, tainted by generations of sexism & human corruption, but I do believe in God, to me the most logical explanation of the myriad of life’s mysteries, & I’ve experienced a couple of inexplicable things. Reading a lot of NDE accounts further convinced me, & that Jesus is real too – but I can relate to the 1st few lines of DB’s post above, I struggle with the God needing a death atonement thing – hence ending up at this page, & still not getting it – I think maybe religion has messed up the message? Or it was done so that people would still remember & be debating it 2,000 years on?! The best way is to ask God direct for Faith & knowledge, discernment; it’s not something mere mortal minds can get their heads around unaided.

  8. Carol

    There was absolutely no reason why Jesus should have died. God always had rhe power to forgive us. God created sin and created the wages of sin. It all serves no purpose at all. Why would God send people to hell unless he enjoys watching people suffer. We in the modern world know how to motivate people, we learn it in business school. It works, it’s been tested over and over again. God did everything wrong. Nothing has been accomplished. The world isn’t better off nor is there less sin. God is an utter failure. After all these years, all these wars, all the prayers Christians are no better than anyone and certainly no more moral. And why the “end times”? He would only end the world and take his own if he wanted to admit his failure. I used to believe and was very involved in the evangelical church until I saw people speak in tongues. What a laugh. Speaking tongues in a room full of people that can speak English, same as you, would be stupid. It’s not meant for showing off. It was meant to be used to speak to people of different languages. Speaking tongues (with or without a supposed “interpreter” in a room full of people who speak the same language as you is just a parlor trick. And a lame one at that. Fancy haired reverends, tv churches, tongues, fire and brimstone, its all a big ego trip. Completely human. There is no god, of that I’m sure. Although I was saved when I was 13, so I guess i’m Forgiven anyway. At least that’s what the rules say. Silly

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  10. Carla El-Sheikh

    Hell is not a place of torment but mans grave. Hades in Greek, Sheol in Hebrew man’s common grave the wages sin pays is death there’s no torment after that from dust you came and dust you return until the day of resurrection but here on earth not flying around in the heavens .

  11. Carla El-Sheikh

    The real message behind Adam and Eve’s sin was not obtaining knowledge from some tree but obdience to God when the partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge they were in fact saying we can govern ourselves we don’t need you God so the consequence is death just as God had explained to them at the beginning of their existence . Genesis 2:16-17 read it

  12. Nancy

    I believe in Isaiah 53:4-6. Pierced for transgressions, crushed for our iniquities.. prophesy 400 ahead of the event of all eternity. This very act of sacrifice God’s son knew required that “… He became sin who knew know sin that we might become His righteousness”. Rather than choosing to be angry at God
    ( anger is not something of peace and self control) I chose
    joy intruding that “ His ways are not our ways”and His thoughts not ours (see your life guide the Bible). Jesus was the perfect sacrifice and after His death was resurrected and sits at the very right hand of God- not even the apostle John could do that!

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