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Please Pick Me

by on Jul.02, 2017, under Hope

It is All-Star season where I live.  It is that time of year when Little Leagues pick their all-star teams.  And just like every year, it results in hurt feelings.  Really good players somehow do not get selected.  Some make the team because their Dads have influence.  Some are left off because of the way their parents behave. 

The same type of thing happens on playgrounds too.  Choosing sides and seeing the look in the eyes of the kid who gets picked last.  Not big enough, or athletic enough, or fast enough.  Or popular enough. 

It is not just sports either.  Will anyone ask you to the dance?  Will your child be asked to the sleep-over?  It does not even change when you grow up.  Promotions given because of family connections or friendship with the boss.  Business decisions made in back rooms instead of on their merits.

We all have those experiences when we were desperately hoping someone would pick us.  Please someone think I am good enough to belong.

So welcome to the good news of Jesus.

He selects people for God.  He is not picking a team, but a family.  He chooses people to be part of the family of God.  His picks are absolutely fair and completely unbiased.

That should probably worry us.  After all, who is good enough to be part of the holy family of God.  We have all made the wrong choice and the bad decision.  We have hurt people.  We have done what we should not have done.  And we did not do the things we should have done.  So no way does Jesus choose us.

But he did.  He picked us because he loved us.  Loved us enough to die on the cross for our sins.  He wanted you to be part of his family that much.

And now he waits for you to decide to pick him. 

We can help you with that decision.




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