Fishing Guides and Following Jesus

My family loves to fish so it was an exciting adventure when we chartered a boat with a guide to fish for ocean trout.  My son and I along with my three grandsons (ages 11, 9, and 7).  The guide explained about how to fish for trout and told us what to expect.  He was very careful with the equipment and started by making the cast for every rod.  He would then fish each one and explain what he was doing and why.  He would show us how to hook the fish.  When he hooked one, he would hand the rod to one of the boys and they would reel it in. 

After a while, the guide let my son start working the bait after the guide had made the cast.  Then eventually my son made the casts and worked the bait.  Then our guide worked with me and then the oldest grandson.  By the end of our charter, the guide was working with the seven-year-old, my oldest grandson and I were fishing by ourselves, and my son was teaching his oldest son how to cast and fish.

Our guide explained the process, demonstrated the process, helped us to learn the process, and even let my son begin doing the same with his son. 

It got me to thinking about helping someone learn to follow Jesus. 

So if you are thinking about following Jesus, here is how we can help you.

We can connect you with people who will tell you the Jesus story:  the most important things to know, the most important things to do.  But they will also be showing you how to live as a follower.  Making Jesus choices about life, serving others.  They will answer questions; they will be there as you start your faith journey.  They will speak truth into your life and pray with you.  They will teach, demonstrate, and work together to learn to live as a follower. 

So that one day you will find yourself teaching someone else. 

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