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Don’t Torture Me Jesus!

by on May.06, 2018, under Hope

This has to be one of the oddest things ever said to Jesus.  After all, who really thinks the Son of God is going to torture someone?  Does someone think Jesus is going to water board them until they decide to follow him?  But a man really did ask this of Jesus. 

He had a hard life.  He was a social outcast, cried himself to sleep, and cut himself with stones.  He was battling so many demons that they called him Legion.  He met Jesus one day, and he is the one who asked Jesus not to torture him.  Jesus was calling on the demons to come out of Legion.  He was going to set him free.  And Legion’s answer was to ask Jesus not to torture him.

I wonder if someone had promised him things before.  Told him they would be his friend, promised to help, or assured him that they could help him change his life.  Only for Legion to find out they were empty promises.  He must have felt hopeless and helpless. 

But not Jesus.  He did what he promised.  He set the man free from his demons.  Changed his life forever.

Maybe you understand this story because you have lived parts of it yourself.  You may have battles and struggles in your life.  You may understand what it means to feel hopeless and helpless.  You may have even had people promise to help.  But all they offered was false hope.  Nothing changed and no one helped.

Jesus is not like that.  He does change lives.  He does not offer false hope.  He is not torturing you with empty promises.

The reason we Christians are so certain of this is because we have seen it.  He has changed our lives and we have seen him change lives in our communities of faith.

You can read about Legion in your Bible.  His story is in the book of Mark, chapter five.  Jesus helped then and he helps now. 

Hope for the hopeless and help for the helpless.


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