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Why God Matters During the Weeks from Hell

by on Nov.04, 2018, under Hope

It was our week from hell.  I was finishing up a weekend seminar for a church in Oklahoma and I got the call at 5:00AM.  One of my cousins had died and they wanted me to do the funeral in East Texas on Wednesday morning.  I was scheduled to preach for a church in West Texas Wednesday night but we believed we could drive in late Tuesday, do the funeral the next morning, then drive back just in time to preach that night. 

It was about 9:30 that night that our daughter called to let us know that my sister-in-law was on the way to the hospital with what was believed to be a heart attack.  So we spent most of that night getting updates and praying for her.

We were at the family lunch after the funeral on Wednesday getting ready to leave when we got the call that my Mom was on the way to the hospital with severe pain.

It was a horrible week.  Satan was determined to shake our world.  Death, pain, fear, and the helpless feeling of not being to be with everyone and take care of everything.  My cousin was dead, my sister-in-law could be in critical condition, and my Mom is almost 88 so any health issue could result in death.

And God took care of it.

My cousin’s funeral was a celebration of a life lived for Jesus.  Our family and his church family told stories, laughed through the tears, and clung to the hope that is found in Jesus.  He will live forever, and we will see him again.  Just like if my sister-in-law or my Mom had died.  Satan tried to use death and the fear of death as a weapon.  Jesus already disarmed him.

My daughter and one of my wife’s cousins took care of my sister-in-law.  Then my wife’s brother and his wife came to help with the sister and then with my Mom.  My daughter came back in the afternoon to help with my Mom.  A dear couple from church came to the hospital to help sit with everyone till we could get home.

My sister-in-law did not have a heart attack.  Pain from some other issues mimicked the symptoms but she was soon home.  It was a kidney stone for my Mom.

God turned the week from hell into a victory.

Because Jesus was raised from the dead. 

Prayer works.

And we have family that will gladly do what we could not.

You will have your week from hell sooner or later.

God can turn it into victory for you too.

All you need is faith and a family.

We can help you.   

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