Life Made New: Lesson 3


How Can I Be Right When I Am So Wrong?

A Self-Study on Excerpts from the Book of Romans

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Part 1 : Reflection Questions

1. A rightstanding before God comes from  , is through faith in  ,  , and is available to   who believe (Romans 3:22).

2. In Romans 3:24, we learn that though we fall short of God’s glory, we can be made righteous (justified) by His  .

 only those who are good enough. those who quit sinning. anyone who puts their trust in him.

4. Abraham was declared righteous before God because he   God (Romans 4:1-3).

5. As difficult as it is for us to understand, Romans 4:5 teaches us that God justifies   people.

 True False

7. The phrase “it was credited to him as righteous” applies to Abraham but also to us who   Jesus (Romans 4:23-24).

8 Who has God provided for us as the focus of our faith (Romans 4:24b-25)?  

Part 2 : Discussion Questions

Digging Deeper

Read the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-24.

Further Thoughts

Prayer Corner

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