Life Made New: Lesson 4


A Cause to Rejoice

A Self-Study on Excerpts from the Book of Romans

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Part 1 : Reflection Questions

2. Paul says that when Christ died for us, we were   and   (Romans 5:6).

3. In Romans 5:6 we can see that Christ died for us because of God’s   for us.

4. As amazing as it seems, Romans 5:10 teaches us that believers are reconciled (brought back to God) while they are God’s  .

5. This word is repeated five times in Romans 5:15-17 and describes God’s grace in contrast to our sin:  .

6. What did Adam bring into the world and pass on to all those who lived after him?   (Romans 5:12).

7. When we become justified through faith in Jesus Christ, we have   with God (Romans 5:1); we have gained access in our sufferings (Romans 5:3); God has poured out His   into our hearts by the   Spirit (Romans 5:5).

Part 2 : Discussion Questions

Digging Deeper

Read Matthew 7:9-11. Note the phrase “how much more,” which is also repeated three times in Romans 5.

Further Thoughts

Prayer Corner

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