Life Made New: Lesson 5


Dying to Live

A Self-Study on Excerpts from the Book of Romans

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Part 1 : Reflection Questions

 True False

2. Paul say that when, through faith in Jesus, we are baptized, we are connected to both Christ’s   and  .

3. When we are united with Christ in his death, our old self is   with Christ and we are freed from   (Romans 6:6-7).

4. When you enjoy the blessings of salvation in Christ, then sin is no longer in your   because you no longer live under   but   (Romans 6:14)

5. Paul says that Christians can live with Christ because they have   with Him (Romans 6:8).

6. There is an irony to the Christian life as Romans 6:18 explains. We have been set free from   and are now slaves to  .

7. Romans 6:23 states that the wages of sin is   but the gift of God is  .

Part 2 : Discussion Questions

Digging Deeper

Further Thoughts

Prayer Corner

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