Life Made New: Lesson 6


Power for Living

A Self-Study on Excerpts from the Book of Romans

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Part 1 : Reflection Questions

1. Paul says that when we are in Christ we no longer stand condemned because through   we have been set   (Romans 8:1).

2. Romans 8:4 sa.s that believers in Christ no longer live according to the   but according to the  .

3. In Romans 8:6, scripture says that when our minds are controlled by the Holy Spirit we can enjoy   and  .

4. How many times is the word “Spirit” mentioned in Romans 8:1-17?  

5. Paul confidently affirms that the Spirit living in the Christian is the same Spirit that raised   from the   (Romans 8:11).

6. God’s Word states that Christians have an obligation: to put to death the   of the   and to be   by the   (Romans 8:13b-14).

7.Paul says that there is a Qualification for being heirs of God. It involves sharing in the   of   (Romans 8:17).

Part 2 : Discussion Questions

Digging Deeper

Further Thoughts

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