Life Made New: Lesson 8


In Response to His Love

A Self-Study on Excerpts from the Book of Romans

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Part 1 : Reflection Questions

1. The motivation Paul gives for offering our bodies as living sacrifices is God’s   (Romans 12:1).

2. God’s Word says in Romans 12:2 that Christians will be able to discern His Will. What are two qualifications for seeing God’s Will fulfilled in our lives?


3. Paul says that we are   body, made up   of members, and yet we are all members of   (Romans 12:4-5).

4. However we serve, whether it invol@es public speaking or behind-the-scenes helping others, we are to serve the Lord   (Romans 12:8).

5. In Paul’s short sentences on the Jesus way of living (Romans 12:9-16), he tells us to:

1. Love and hone  .
2. Hate  .
3. Bless those who   us.

6. List at least 5 ways we can respond to our enemies in a Christlike fashion (Romans 12:17-20).


Part 2 : Discussion Questions

Digging Deeper

Further Thoughts

Prayer Corner

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