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He Built a Robot and then He Married Her (It?)

by on Mar.04, 2018, under Hope

Zheng Jiajia is an artificial intelligence expert from Japan.  He was evidently unable to find a suitable mate (or could not find love) so he built a humanoid robot.  And then married her, or it.  Or whatever.  He programmed his robot so speak some rudimentary sentences and has plans to upgrade her eventually so she can walk and do basic household chores.  And the robot has a name — Yingying.  Or would that be Yingying Jiajia?

Maybe you understand some of the feelings that drive this story.  Life does not always turn out like you envisioned.  Broken relationships, economic hardships, addictions, and no meaning for your existence.  It is enough to make you wish you could create the life you want. 

But you may also have enough life experience to realize some of the problems with this approach.  Is it really a relationship if there is no free will involved?  What happens if Yingying becomes obsolete?  What if she breaks down and he cannot fix her?  If things do not go like he envisioned, does anyone do robot marriage counseling?

Has Mr. Jiajia really found the love that he did not find in the real world?

And if you have lived very long, you have learned that is not really possible to construct a life that will be exactly what you want.  Real life gets in the way.  You may realize that what you thought you wanted was not in fact what you really needed. 

I think I know the answer.  Someone created me.  He knows exactly how I work and what I need.  He not only wants what is best for me, but can help me have that life.  He is God the Creator, and He loves me. 

All He asks is that I love Him back.  My choice.  Free will.

You can choose to have the life you were made to live.


Out of the fog

by on Feb.04, 2018, under Hope

It was a Christmas Day soccer match between Charlton and Chelsea. Soon after the match began, a thick fog rolled in, making it impossible to play. The match was cancelled, and all of the players returned to the locker rooms.

All except Sam Bartram. The goalkeeper for Charlton stayed at his post, watching vigilantly for any balls that might come his way. He was happy as could be, supposing that the lack of activity on his end of the field meant that his teammates were having their way with their opponents.

Bartram noticed that the game was unusually quiet, but he kept waiting for someone to show up to let him know how the match was going. Finally, someone did. A policeman showed up out of the fog and asked, “What are you doing here? The game was called off 15 minutes ago!”

Do you know what’s going on? Are you really informed about what life is all about? Or are you standing in the fog, hoping that the lack of catastrophes signifies that all is well?

Jesus once said:

“For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.” (John 9:39)

He also said,

“I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.” (John 12:46)

There’s one way to be certain that you are seeing everything that needs to be seen: walk in the light. Walk in the light of Jesus. Let him show you the way. You’ve stood in the fog long enough. Come let him show you the light.

Too Good to Be True

by on Jan.07, 2018, under Hope

Almost every day I get exciting news in my email inbox.  Thousands and thousands of dollars waiting for me to claim.  Easy weight loss that will make me look years younger.  Hundreds of women in Eastern Europe that evidently wish to marry me.  Fantastic deals on real estate.

But as one of my relatives used to say, “If it sounds too good to be true… it is.” 

No money waiting, pounds don’t just melt away, and true love is not just an email away.  They are scams, come-ons, phishing messages, and are designed to trick you into giving up your money for nothing.  Do a little research into the people that have tried to take advantage of this so-called good news.  All they found were false hope and bitter disappointment.

Some things really are too good to be true.

Except for those things that are not.

Hope, peace, joy, and purpose for your life here and then eternal life.

Those are promises God has made to you that sound too good to be true.  After all, who wouldn’t like to have peace in a world of conflict and strife.  Or hope in a world that can seem so hopeless.  How about joy in a dark world of pain and suffering.  Who wouldn’t like to have a reason to get up in the morning knowing that what they are about to do that day really will make a difference.  And wouldn’t you want to live forever?

But that sounds too good to be true.  So check it out.  Ask some of us who have taken advantage of the promises God has made about life.  We have found out they really are true.  Listen to our stories. 

You will not hear of broken promises and dreams that turned into nightmares.  Instead, you will hear of lives that really did find peace, joy, hope, and purpose.

You can find those same things. 

And we want to help show you how. 

Just ask.



Baby Jesus Is Not Jesus Lite

by on Dec.03, 2017, under Hope

Baby Jesus is everywhere this time of year.  He is in Nativity scenes and live mangers.  He is a baby doll here and a live baby there.  He is the center of children plays and Christmas stories.  Away in a Manger and Joy to the World.  Christmas songs everyone knows that were written about baby Jesus.

Babies are cute, sweet, and cuddly.  Baby Jesus is no exception.  For many people, baby Jesus is Jesus lite.  You know, all the fun without all the difficult stuff.  Tastes good but no calories.  And that is the way many people want to see Jesus.  Christmas and baby Jesus is not near as intense as Easter with all that talk of dying and resurrection.

But do not be fooled by baby Jesus.  He is not the sanitized version of the Son of God.  Here is why…

Baby Jesus grew up.  He died.  And he was raised from the dead.  That is why he was born in the first place.

Jesus came from heaven to earth to save us from our sins.  He did that by dying on that cross. 

So baby Jesus is not just a cute story for Christmas.

He is the way, the truth, and the life.  And no one comes to the Father except by him. 

So look beyond the baby and see the Savior of the world. 

He wants to be your Savior too.  




Pulling Teeth and Jesus

by on Nov.05, 2017, under Hope

My tooth has had a hard life.  Maybe it was too much chewing on things that were really too hard to bite.  I may have weakened it somehow over the years.  But it was really giving me a hard time.  Hairline cracks, the occasional abscess, an ache, or a sharp pain when I bit down on something. 

It was not as if I never tried to fix it.  I mean, after all, I wanted it to be different and better.  So my Dentist would file it down and smooth it up.  I got a crown.  Had a root canal.  Sometimes it would feel better for weeks or even months.  Until I got back into the old habits of chewing things I shouldn’t.

I finally decided I could not live with it like that any longer.  My Dentist agreed and guided me through the process.  He pulled the tooth.  Just took it out.  Gave me a new start.  Now we are putting in a permanent bridge.  It will look the same and function just like a tooth should.  It is amazing.  No more pain.  No more medicine.  No more wondering when it was going to hurt again.

Maybe you have had a tooth like that. 

Or maybe you have had a life like that.  It is just not working.  It may show up in addictive behaviors, or unhealthy relationships, or negative attitudes.  You have tried different things to do better but nothing lasts. 

Maybe it is time to do something radical.  Let the old life die and be born brand new again.  Have a new and better life.  The life you were meant to live.

Jesus can do that for you.  There are stories on this very site of people who have had their old lives made new by Jesus.

He wants to help you.

Let him. 



Knowing the People Makes the Difference

by on Oct.01, 2017, under Hope

Three weeks ago I was in Vienna, West Virginia, to speak at the 36th Street church of Christ. What I knew about the area was gleaned from song writer, musician, John Denver and that it was “almost heaven.”

That weekend was also when hurricane Irma raged from the Caribbean through Florida and turned northwest. Millions evacuated, people were injured and some died. Destruction was everywhere! Not “almost heaven.”

That morning in a church in West Virginia we all prayed for those affected by the gale force winds, overwhelming rain and storm surge that inundated coasts. I told them about my friend Tony Fernandez who lives in Matanzas, Cuba, where Irma had just passed by. During Bible Class, I told about Tony’s commitment to God, his congregation, and that I had not heard from him since the hurricane passed over. The prayers changed, because we “knew” the people who were affected. In fact, as we talked more, it became obvious that many of us knew more people who were in harm’s way that weekend. Then during worship, I received an email that Tony was safe and read his description of what he saw as he tried to help others.

Knowing the people makes the difference!!

Who do you know that needs your prayers and your help? What else can you do to help them because knowing the people makes the difference.

Fishing Guides and Following Jesus

by on Sep.03, 2017, under Hope

My family loves to fish so it was an exciting adventure when we chartered a boat with a guide to fish for ocean trout.  My son and I along with my three grandsons (ages 11, 9, and 7).  The guide explained about how to fish for trout and told us what to expect.  He was very careful with the equipment and started by making the cast for every rod.  He would then fish each one and explain what he was doing and why.  He would show us how to hook the fish.  When he hooked one, he would hand the rod to one of the boys and they would reel it in. 

After a while, the guide let my son start working the bait after the guide had made the cast.  Then eventually my son made the casts and worked the bait.  Then our guide worked with me and then the oldest grandson.  By the end of our charter, the guide was working with the seven-year-old, my oldest grandson and I were fishing by ourselves, and my son was teaching his oldest son how to cast and fish.

Our guide explained the process, demonstrated the process, helped us to learn the process, and even let my son begin doing the same with his son. 

It got me to thinking about helping someone learn to follow Jesus. 

So if you are thinking about following Jesus, here is how we can help you.

We can connect you with people who will tell you the Jesus story:  the most important things to know, the most important things to do.  But they will also be showing you how to live as a follower.  Making Jesus choices about life, serving others.  They will answer questions; they will be there as you start your faith journey.  They will speak truth into your life and pray with you.  They will teach, demonstrate, and work together to learn to live as a follower. 

So that one day you will find yourself teaching someone else. 

If you would like to start this journey, write me at steve@hopeforlife.org.


What I Learned about Jesus from a Crazy Ostrich

by on Aug.06, 2017, under Hope

It was a fun ride through a wildlife park with our grandkids.  The grandkids were especially enjoying getting to feed the animals.  They would come right up to the car and even eat cubes out of their hands.  Everything was wonderful, until the ostrich showed up.  There were several of them and knowing a little of how aggressive they could be… we were careful to drop the feed pellets out the window instead of holding the food in our palms.

But there was one ostrich that was very aggressive and stuck his head right inside the driver’s window.  And that is where I was.  My grandson was in the passenger seat and being a quick thinker, he decided to throw pellets at the ostrich.  He assumed it would be so interested in catching the pellets that it would move its head back to catch them.  So he threw a pellet.  Good arm, good accuracy, and no cooperation from the ostrich.  The food bounced right of its beak and back into the car.  On me.  Which led the ostrich to try and retrieve it. 

Let’s just say it is funnier now than it was then.

But I did learn a few things about following Jesus.

Good plans well executed do not always turn out like you planned.  Life is unpredictable.  You may think you have your whole life laid out before you, but it only takes a year or two of real life to figure out you were wrong.  Economic downturns, illness, and evil are all things that may change things in a way that alters your plans.  Which reminds us we are not in control.  And ostriches end up chasing food inside your car instead of outside.  Maybe it makes sense to follow someone greater than us.

People are who they are.  They do not always act like we want them to, or like we expect them to act.  People do bad things – sometimes to others.  Sometimes even to you.  And sometimes you do bad things and make poor choices.  An ostrich is an ostrich and behaves like one.  People are people, and they act like it.  Only Jesus offers a chance to really change things in your life. 

This world is not our reality.  The whole idea of a wildlife park is not real.  That park has fences, animals are separated, and the whole thing is fenced in.  We rode through the park with dozens of other cars, feeding “wild” animals out our window.  It was not real.  This world is not our reality either.  It seems as if there are bad things everywhere.  Bad enough things happening to you that it seems as if there is no hope, joy, or peace to be found anywhere.  Not true.  Joy, peace, and hope can be found in Jesus.  

I was reminded by a crazy ostrich that I am never really in charge, that people are messy, and that this world is not what it seems.  I need to remember that.  Maybe you do too.


Please Pick Me

by on Jul.02, 2017, under Hope

It is All-Star season where I live.  It is that time of year when Little Leagues pick their all-star teams.  And just like every year, it results in hurt feelings.  Really good players somehow do not get selected.  Some make the team because their Dads have influence.  Some are left off because of the way their parents behave. 

The same type of thing happens on playgrounds too.  Choosing sides and seeing the look in the eyes of the kid who gets picked last.  Not big enough, or athletic enough, or fast enough.  Or popular enough. 

It is not just sports either.  Will anyone ask you to the dance?  Will your child be asked to the sleep-over?  It does not even change when you grow up.  Promotions given because of family connections or friendship with the boss.  Business decisions made in back rooms instead of on their merits.

We all have those experiences when we were desperately hoping someone would pick us.  Please someone think I am good enough to belong.

So welcome to the good news of Jesus.

He selects people for God.  He is not picking a team, but a family.  He chooses people to be part of the family of God.  His picks are absolutely fair and completely unbiased.

That should probably worry us.  After all, who is good enough to be part of the holy family of God.  We have all made the wrong choice and the bad decision.  We have hurt people.  We have done what we should not have done.  And we did not do the things we should have done.  So no way does Jesus choose us.

But he did.  He picked us because he loved us.  Loved us enough to die on the cross for our sins.  He wanted you to be part of his family that much.

And now he waits for you to decide to pick him. 

We can help you with that decision.




Sharks, Life, and Jesus

by on Jun.05, 2017, under Hope

Sharks, Life, and Jesus


The shark jumped right into his boat.


Terry Selwood was fishing of the coast of Australia, just like he had hundreds of times before.  Something almost knocked him down and when he turned to see what it was that hit the boat, he realized that a seven foot, 440-pound Great White shark had jumped into his boat.


I wonder who was more surprised – the shark or Mr. Selwood.  After radioing for help, he hung on the side of the boat until he was rescued.  He evidently did not think it wise to share his boat with a shark.


You never do know when life will take an unexpected turn for the worst.  It could be a natural disaster that destroys property, an unforeseen layoff at work, or bad news from your Doctor.  It can be something evil done to you or someone you love.  We live in a hard world and bad things happen.


And that is exactly why we need Jesus. 


Because of God’s promise found in the book of Romans, Chapter 8, verses 38-39.


 … in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.


And this promise from Jesus (John 16:33).


In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”


We all need someone to rescue us when times get tough.


I believe that Jesus is that person.


Check out some of the videos on this site to see what God has done in the lives of people just like you.


Let me hear from you.  steve@hopeforlife.org.


I can help.


After all, you never know when a shark is going to jump into your boat.





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